For anyone who’s ever been told to aim lower

I am launching a project in a few days. It’s a super-project, actually. I am calling it Autotelic. The name Autotelic represents the essential spirit of the project, which is to create situations where the various sub-projects emerge and mature successfully in an organic fashion, each emerging ‘of itself’ naturally thanks to the situations I […]

Away from the city, glimpses into the wilderness of my youth

I got away from the city for the past few days.The quiet is incredibly rejuvenating.In the wilderness, I’ve let my mind wander some. One of the things that occurred to me this morning is how, especially in my youth, I revered the sniper and the tracker for essentially the same reason: they cooperate with their […]


For various (external) reasons, I haven’t had a sound night’s rest this past week. It’s impairing me, sure. Aside from caffeine, which is as normal to me as air, the routines are wildly helpful. A morning routine gets me started off right. An evening routine gets me settling in for the night with my mind […]

note: Emancipatory Endurance and The Endurance of Fetters

I remember that, as a child, I would enjoy enduring the challenge of a lengthy run in P. E. (physical education, aka phys ed). No doubt this was in part because I looked up to an excellent runner in the family. And I don’t doubt that this enjoyment was partly emphasized by the social contrast […]

note: Cleanliness, Godliness, Kondo, & Popper

The phrase “Cleanliness is close to godliness” comes to mind. It implies a lack of things undone. To be clean is chiefly to maintain conditions for health. The great many modern varieties of clean (and pretenders thereabouts) are branches of this conceptual tree. (To be clean is to be sanitary, rooted etymologically with health.) sanitary […]