The Conspiracy Conspiracy

In the wake of recent events, new evidence has been emerging, startling revelations that allows us to finally connect the dots.

We now have irrefutable proof that, in the wake of recent events, new findings show what we have feared all along is now settling in to become the new normal. Startling revelations in the study of conspiracy now tell us that there is a conspiracy of conspiracy, a wall of hell coming straight at us like a plague-ridden rat from out the toilet. This conspiracy conspiracy is quietly playing out behind closed doors in America, threatening our freedoms and ways of life like never before. It’s been quiet so far, but it’s about to get loud when, like the trumpets that built Jericho, we GET OUR MESSAGE OUT.

Maybe you’ve never heard of a conspiracy of conspiracy before. That’s because that’s what they want you to think.

If you have to courage to see, just imagine (I can see it now) and all will become clear if you put in the work: let your patriot mind take you past the cash register in a pizza shop, where? Little No Where Town, Middle America, past the ovens and the dish room, down the stairs, and who is it that you see surrounding an oblong table and smoking blood soaked marijuana from a taxidermed ramshead? Why of course it is Bill Gates, Bill Barr, and the kingpin himselfBill Burr (famed Bilderberg surrogate behind the moon landing). And when is it? You already know: September 11, 2012.

The pizza shoppe is famous for a good bite, but the only thing these three Bills are taking a bite out of is CIVILIZATION.

Need I say any more words? Consider alone the simple fact that Bill Burr posted a podcast audio recording only one year later, a recording that would shock anyone who was really paying attention, a recording wherein on the subject of UFOs Bill Burr said:

I am nowhere near a conspiracy freak, or anything like that [are you sure you’re not an intergalactic lizard co-conspiracy conspiracist conspirator, Bill, really? he continues shamelessly…], but I do admit, I do get a hard-on for any documentary on that secret military base in Nevada that is called Area 51. I mean, believing in aliens, I don’t know: that’s really not that crazy. You know, you think, like, how big the fuckin universe is. It’s just life on one planet, no life anywhere else? Despite the fact that they see evidence of water on Mars, at some point. You know, I’m telling you guys we’re not that special. Bill Burr – UFOs (YouTube) [embedded at the end]


We got him and the Internet will never forget. This is where the B3 ARE WRONG and UNAMERICAN (of course B3 referring to the Big Three Bills: Gates, Barr, and Burr) THEY ARE WRONG.

As aliens ourselves who have become entranced, mesmerized by “human media” into believing we are homo sapiens, we already know from previous experience (no scientist with our best interests at heart would name us that, which could only mean one thing). Anyway, we already know that it is crazy to believe in aliens in their world, because they want us to not believe in aliens, because we are aliens, and we are more powerful than them and they don’t want us to know that, really badly, so now of course they’re saying that it isn’t so crazy knowing full well that saying it isn’t so crazy is going to make a lot of us think as good truth seeking contrarians, well, maybe it is crazy, therefore creating further camouflage for them to do their work on society.

Each one of them has been building subversive astroturf networks around once powerful red-blooded American institutions. How do they explain themselves when asked about it? They don’t.

(At time of publishing, none not one of the B3 have responded to the emails I haven’t sent them.)

This alone is proof that the upcoming vaccine is designed (uhm, what happened to evolution, guys?) to further control our population by making more and more gay babies, less and less straight babies. (You can test this yourself, but be prepared because it is shocking tosee the problem is already in our own homes. Place any Hustler magazine in front of your infant and watch their reaction. Does their head wobble and bobble about as though they didn’t even care about the magazine? Note: It may take a few minutes, but they WILL lose interest. Remember, The Manhattan Project involved German scientists who later helped develop MKULTRA in the 80s and 90s.)

So there you have it. Now you know. What will you do with it?

The first image of Chernobyl on the morning of the accident. Graininess in the image is due to the heightened atmospheric radiation, furthering the Clinton/Epstein/Nakamoto complex that eventually became foundations of the B3 Conference of 2012.

There are so many questions. It’s as though around every corner there is another combination of words that I could say with conviction. I’m not sure how we’ll get out of this, but YOU. MUST.

look out. If you notice someone spouting conspiracy theories in your schools and the halls of your governments, beware: they may be under the influence of the conspiracy conspiracy to promote conspiracy theories, again, as though we were could be fooled! (Wrong AGAIN, mole people!)

These are crazy times. But it’s good to be alive. Stay safe people, care for each other. Signing off for Think Twice after these startling revelations in the emerging study of conspiracy conspiracy, at your service always

Evan Driscoll

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