Liberty in times of mass manipulation

How long shall we endure the vines of manipulation growing round our house? One day, they were only sprouts, but now they seem to have coated the walls and made their way to the roof, some now choking off the light of windows entirely, and others making their way through cracks in the foundation. There is something to be done about this of course, but it is certainly not so easy as letting the house fall to rot.

File:Stoa of Attalos at the Ancient Agora of Athens 3.jpg - Wikimedia  Commons

With great power comes great responsibility, so they say, and what greater power is there than liberty? What greater power is there than that first and last freedom of the mind, giving due course billions, trillions of times over in everyday affairs for the common good? Perhaps there is no greater. It is knowledge that we have eked from life and given form in technologies, patterns of society, coordination, and so on; of course this would not be possible without minds that are attentive and serious.

If it is not prohibited by the laws of nature, it can be done. Do we suppose that our doing well in life is prohibited by the laws of nature? Do we suppose that virtue is ultimately and always muted by the process of time in mundane and dulled minds, a cynical view of people that would take away their promise? Absolutely not, though some people do believe this. Why should we?

We see goodness in people of all stations, all colors and creeds, so why should we assume that we are not capable of rising to the challenge—together?

And it is a challenge to be met together. Wars are won by coordinated and consistent service of a common purpose, and so it is with this—if I may sound very 21st century American for a moment—with this war on decay, on the besiegers of our minds. Fears, doubts, uncertainties, these are enough alone in their natural way; but today we have those who amplify these debilitating maladies, and they do so with tireless machines.

We should ensure we understand this environment, and cultivate that inner citadel that we are always within a breath of peace. We may not always find it from without. In this season, we must nurture and let it spring forth, that we may be beacons of peace for others.

Let us use our liberties to this end.

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