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  • Thoughts on morning routine and grounding in discipline

    There are times when I wake when I am at once tempted to be anxious, and I say “No, thank you,” although that is how I sometimes may have an inkling feel upon waking, and I am also tempted to be hopeful, and I say “No, thank you,” for that is its own temptation toward […]

  • Everyday Constraints Made Beautiful

    @aaraalto posed the question well, “How can I make my constraints beautiful?” When I first read that, I saw that he was not just referring to constraints in the context of his design work, he was translating that question from his design work into a question of everyday life. I believe there are a variety […]

  • Unlimited Creativity

    When I think of the behavioral change I am asking of myself, it’s clearly unfeasible without systems and methods of trying (and refining) various designs of those systems. Everyone has the experience of having a goal that didn’t gain traction. Sometimes, we might say that the goal wasn’t well-enough defined, and that’s the cause for […]

  • What freedoms do we afford?

    There is a multiplicity of importances in daily life. A young son may find it important to lunch, because his stomach is growling and he might not be able to help but focus his attention there, because his physiology practically demands it, much like his father has experienced in the past; and yet for his […]

  • Trying Everything

    There is the saying, “chase two rabbits, catch none”. I’d like to call “bullshit!” Civilization does not have this same limitation. Our ability to coordinate means that multiple people can chase multiple rabbits, and that’s without technology. It’s also a different story if you have systems for chasing multiple rabbits. It’s not hard to imagine […]

  • Liberty in times of mass manipulation

    How long shall we endure the vines of manipulation growing round our house? One day, they were only sprouts, but now they seem to have coated the walls and made their way to the roof, some now choking off the light of windows entirely, and others making their way through cracks in the foundation. There […]

  • A brief note on parasocial relations

    Imagine being approached on the street by a stranger, someone who has read everything you ever wrote online, seen every photo and video, and so on; this is someone you’ve never met before, who seems to believe that you’re both old friends. There’s a vast disparity between the information they have about you — and […]

  • Dreams of War & Peace in Times of VUCA & FUD

    VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity FUD: fear, uncertainty, doubt I woke from a terrible dream this morning, a massacre. My alarm clock was a grenade blast. Not long before bed last night, I was reading about the various “nightmare scenarios” that are being considered by experts regarding the upcoming election. I’ve also been reading, here […]

  • Open-ended activism and dead-end activism

    Dead-end activist thought has been a long-rising tide in America. Now it seems there is something of a rogue wave crashing upon us. To pierce the veil here proves difficult if not practically impossible to many. One reason is that the social dynamics involved are infused with repellent defenses, such as the dead-end idea that, […]

  • Many Freedoms, and The First and Last Freedom

    What does freedom mean to me? I believe there are a variety of freedoms in life. Sometimes it can be useful to think of them as degrees of freedom. For example, the way that my life is right now, I am free to buy a car and drive it. There are degrees of freedom here […]